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Residential Investigations

We offer engineering services to the homeowner, potential buyers, realtors, attorneys and contractors.  We do not perform pre-purchase home inspections. We restrict our involvement to specific suspected structural defects or concerns.  This allows us to focus our attention solely to areas of our expertise and serve or clients in their best interest.

A common problem that we run into in Delaware involves structurally defective concrete masonry foundation walls.   The combination of the slender wall acting against the combination of excessive soil pressure, expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure causes the walls to bow inward and fracture.  We can easily record the conditions involved, structurally analyze what’s needed to bring the walls back into building code compliance and provide a design that effectively remediates the problem.

Have you had work performed by a contractor that you suspect to be deficient?  Are you a contractor that has been asked to repair someone else’s work?  We can perform a load-path analysis and building code review to assess if any problems exist and document the results along with corrective recommendations and designs, if needed.  If push comes to shove, we’re also experienced expert witnesses with several years of successful court testimony exposure.

In the end, why wonder if you’re safe and sound in your own home.  Protect yourself from possible law suits originating from questionable home sale disclosure statements.  We can service your needs efficiently and economically and do it in such a fashion that can be clearly understood.